Know Your Guest & Insure Their Stay

The guest screening and verification platform where uses can screen and verify the identity of their potential guest allowing them to make better renting decisions.

ID Verification

Instant ID Verification using AI & deep machine learning algorithms

GuestSeek Search

Review your guest’s important historical data, including past reviews and incidences from previous hosts

Background Checks

Criminal history, national eviction & sex offender search.
* for US users


We offer world wide, comprehensive host liability and property damage & protection insurance.

Stay Well Informed

Fast, Accurate and Affordable Guest Screening

Quickly & easily identify quality guests with our instant ID verification, GuestSeek search & background check. Sleep easier at night knowing knowing all of your guests have met your standards.

Keeping Guest Screening Simple & Secure

Safe for Guests, applicants submit their details directly online, without having to provide sensitive information to their host. All personal information is encrypted at rest, ensuing all personal identifying information remains protected. We will only ever show partial personal information to ensure the privacy of the guest.

Host Sends Invite

The GuestSeek Host or Manager generates a personalised link and sends it to their applicant through their preferred communication channel.

Guest Submits Check Online

The guest consents and authorizes GuestSeek to the ID verification check or run a guest search and securely submit’s their details.

GuestSeek Runs The Check

As soon as the guest clicks ‘Submit’ GuestSeek checks that guest against their guest database and runs and instant ID verification check, then analyzes the guests risk profile based on the returned results.

Host Receives Instant Report

The Host receives the results back instantly and is able to review the results from the search. Enabling them to make a faster, better informed renting decision.

Making Guests Accountable

Review & Rating System
For All Accommodation Types

GuestSeek will allow you to view private reviews by other hosts and managers from all booking sites. Have a problematic guest? Warn future hosts and managers from other booking channels in one centralised system.

Assess The Risk & Liability Of Your Guest

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